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Ultimately it is all about trust.

An Argument for an optical fiber network in Lafayette.

Lafayette will one day have a fiber optic network to the home. That is good; we will surely want one. However, any local fiber optic network will be a natural monopoly. Since there will be only one, the only real question is which of the possible alternatives Lafayette will choose. Will we have a private fiber optic network owned by either BellSouth or Cox in some indefinite future, or will we soon have a public one built by LUS? Deciding which provider we'd prefer means deciding who we want controlling our future infrastructure.

The public’s interest in this boils down to deciding who to trust to be responsive to local needs and concerns: LUS, Cox, or BellSouth.

In the end the real issue is, as it is so often, trust. Fiber optic to the home will come. And it will be valuable. Who will make sure that everyone can have a connection? Who do we trust to keep the prices we pay low?

But trust is not all of it. Who is more likely to take care of what the people need? Which organization’s natural interests will lead it to accommodate local desires and hopes? Which organization can be controlled by the people of Lafayette? Which organization can never be locally controlled?

The choice is between deciding to take control of our own future or deciding to turn vital decisions about that future over to others who do not share our interests, history, or values.

The choice is that stark, and the answer is clear: LUS.